Create Content, Submit Products & Easily Earn Few Pocket Money Using This Site Online.

Create content, submit products, read posts, watch videos & comment. Earn Points/Money doing all these activity in site. Get Featured in homepage of site using points gained, or cash out points to money. 

- If you can write article, then register in the site, create new article, provide link of your website or any other social media profile, publish the article, once approved get some profile points. 

- If you are a store owner, if you sell some products, then you can submit your products in the site. Get some point for product submission. 

- Activity profile is available in site, update your status, share your articles, daily life experience, talk about your products and earn few points.

- There is livestream tab in site, where livestream video will get featured, you can submit your video too. Get your video content to more users of site.

- Involve in providing feedback or your own thoughts about article, some products, livestream via comments section and gain certain profile points.

- Earned points can be used to feature your article or video or product in site wide. 

Site : Katsu Point 


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