Market your products online in your local city by ranking in search engine.

I assume that you own your store and have different products. Since you have store and products, then it is sure that you will get some few customers passing by your shop. What if you want to market your products online ? For this you must target your local audience, so whenever they make an online search for certain products, then they will get your store and products information. 

There are bunch of works to be done to rank in google search if your competition is with strong opponent. But if competition is not too big, then you can easily rank. But for ranking you must have a defined website and google business site, right ? Here, are some tips :

Send approval for your business listing in google business. Once done, we will get google business site. Start posting product images, updates in your google business profile. That will help google find your business for certain keywords searched, only if your posts are related to particular searched keywords.

Another process if you can, then register a domain name and get some hosting plan, but if you do not want hosting plan then initially you can move with google blogger which is free and you can redirect your domain to blogger. Start writing some articles about your product, post products images and if possible place your local area name in title, blog posts, labels/keywords/tags.

Also, submit your products to submission sites like this : See here 

Doing these three steps will definitely help you get found in search engines. Just keep on creating some small articles about product and submit to google business site, your own website and these kinds of free product listing sites, and rank higher in search engines. 


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