15 things to know before visiting Nepal (By : Ravi)

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1. Visa & Other Information
Visa is the first requirement to enter any nation so we should know accordingly. It is different visa category for different nations so you have to double check and confirm. And other information is very highly required to know. You should know about currency of Nepal mostly you need cash but you can also use your credit cards as well. Proper information may save your time & money as well. So, know about visa system of Nepal before visiting.

2. Short history of Nepal
If you are coming to Nepal you should know the even very short history of Nepal because it makes to correct your mindset about the country so that you can make proper relationship with Nepal and Nepalese. So, try to know about some history of Nepal before visiting.

3. Tour Guide
Tour Guide also very important so that it is better to plan to hire good tour guide because if you hire best tour guide you can get proper guideline and information about the place and importance of the visit. So, make a fine google search about tour guide in Nepal before visiting.

4. Weather
Nepal lies 60 m above from sea level to the top of the world Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha in local language) 8848 m. Surely you will get different temperature if you confirm where to visit and accordingly will be easy to prepare your necessary cloths and other things.

5. Cultures and Festivals
Nepal has very rich on their cultures and festivals. We have lots of culture and festivals if you study such kind of cultures and specially festivals so that you can come to enjoy your best festivals.

6. People & Ethnicity
Nepal is not dominated by same cast or religion. It has divers cast, religion and ethnicity. Almost 81% People follow the Hindu religion, 9% people follow the Buddhist religion and we have also the Christian and Muslim as well.

7. Language
Nepal's first language is Nepali itself if you are coming to Nepal it is better to know basic knowledge about Nepali language like how to great the people, how to say thank you or how to say hungry or thirsty or like I want to go toilet. Something like that if you know that kind of basic but important word it will be very easy for you to travel.

8. Rules & Regulations
Rules and regulations also very important to tourist if you know the basic rules and regulations it will be very easy to travel. Like you have off your shoe before you enter to Hindu/Buddhist temples or about tourist tax in different places.

9. Food & accommodation
Nepal have very unique food very different then the other world so that if you study about the food it will be easy for everyone. So that you can get better test of Nepalese test. Otherwise you will miss many good test of Nepali food.

10. Best tourist places
Before you came to Nepal please confirm the best tourist place to visit so that you can save the time and you can enjoy the trip.

11. Vehicles
Vehicles has a very important role to travel so you have to know the types of vehicles and choose the best one for you.

12. UNESCO World Heritage Sites
When you come to Nepal must visit place is world heritage sites. Around Kathmandu have most of the heritage site. Keep it in mind and never miss it.

13. Wildlife
Nepal is also famous for wildlife. We have so many National park among them best is Chitwan National park and Bardiya National Park where you can ride the elephant to absorb the other wildlife animals and birds.

14. Adventure Sports
If you are adventure sports loving person and you are coming to Nepal you must not miss the chance to enjoy bungy jump, jeep ride, paragliding, rafting and other more option you can really enjoy a lot.

15. Local Product & Souvenir
If you are thinking to bring some product for you or as souvenir to your relatives you must not to forget to list it down and find the best place to shop. If you are tea or coffee lover you must not forget to buy organic tea and coffee it is best and easy to bring anywhere.

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