Best Games For Creating Youtube SHORTS

Best Games For Creating Youtube SHORTS

Hello and welcome. In this video, we discuss about best games for creating youtube shorts videos. These games will be best for creating youtube shorts and getting views. 

First one is, Pubg / Freefire. If you play pubg or freefire on regular basis, then record whole gameplay. After that, find interesting moments like : kills, chicken dinner, funny moments, glitch moments and more. Create shorts of those moments. Believe me, this does pretty well in youtube shorts.

Second game : Fifa. from gameplay, trim out best goals moments, skill moments, glitch moments. And by adding some commentry, or music or real sound, create shorts. Upload around 20 to 30 shorts of fifa gaming, you will start getting results.

Third game : Clash Royale. One best advantage is, this game is in vertical format. Next, you can create best deck plays, card plays, tower destroy and many other moments from your gameplay. This game does fantastic for youtube shorts gaming.

Fourth game : Clash of Clans. Battle moments and attacks from enemy moments does pretty well in clash of clans youtube shorts videos. 

Fifth game : Puzzle solving games. Find some best rated puzzle solving games. Play and record. Solve the puzzle, keep on level up. Create shorts of each puzzle level. This does great job in case of youtube shorts discovery and getting views. 

Note : Many other games for making youtube shorts are available, these are the games which I personally tried in my separate shorts channel, and all of these games did well. In my case, FIFA gaming shorts took some time to pick up the momentum. It took me some time to figure out issue here. After uploading more that 20 shorts videos of fifa gaming, then my other fifa shorts videos started getting views and did well. 

You have any other game ideas for youtube shorts gaming ? Comment down below.