F6flpy-x64 VMD & Non VMD Drivers Download

Issue : While installing windows 10 or windows 11 on SSD or Harddisk, issue like no storage drives could be find occurs. In that case, we can use F6flpy-x64 VMD & Non VMD Drivers. Here are 2 files. You can download it (download file at the bottom).

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Steps to solve the issue :

- Create a bootable USB drive using windows 10 or windows 11 iso. 

- Then go to that USB, copy VMD or Non VMD files that you downloaded from here. (After extracting).

- Then start the windows installation process, and when you reach to the partition selection point, click load driver, browse, go to usd location, select non vmd or vmd folder. Then it will show supported controller driver. 

- Select one and start installation. 

- After 100% installation, system restarts, do not plug out your usb. Process goes further to setup some few windows recommendation. 

- You have successfully installed it. 

- Video Tutorial Below 

Fix SSD Drive Partition not Showing while installing windows 11 / win 10 | NVMe, M.2 | How To

Download F6flpy-x64 VMD

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