Education System of Nepal

Is theory enough for gaining knowledge? Education System of Nepal

"Is the piece of paper worth it ?"
-Albert Einstein

The question above really depends on our particular goals and the paths we plan on taking through our career. If our plan is to go into business for ourselves then no, the paper that certifies we earned a degree is meaningless. The education system that focus on mastering a book is worst. So,the education system that relies on theoretical knowledge is just dim witted

Theoretical knowledge teaches us the why it doesn't teach us how. It helps us understand why one technique works where another fails. It shows us the whole forest and helps us set strategy. Where self-education is concerned theory which prepares us to set direction for future education. Theory teaches us through the experience of others. Well, I'm a student of grade 10 still we're taught what is computer rather we should be taught to develop computer software.

If we go around and make a simple survey make a simple survey of those student who are enjoying studying at school and how many of them use the studied material later in life we would get a poor and tragic results that seems OK to us only because we are used to them. Kids hating school should not be the norm and the fact that we accept it as a normal part of life only shows how deeply our screwed us up. Education should be enlightening, exciting and empowering and not something that resembles a torture chamber in dark room.

Our education system is archaic. Education is still trying to grind children. The most important subject in school is still Mathematics and those subject which should be gained in practical way are at very bottom. 'Occupation and Business' is one the recently arrived subject in our curriculum. I still remember we were reading about Animal rearing sitting inside four wall of our class rather than visiting to a animal farm.

Albert Einstein,Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma are some successful people who were dropped out from school. The list goes on, but this is a pretty good samples from it. But if we think about it we will come to the conclusion that all of this parts are imaginary and therefore they should not be part of our education. Our education is based on our conventional image and so is our society.

Now the question to be raised is how can we change this system? Is it possible to change whole syllabus?. These question really hurts indeed. And my answer is just replace theoretical practices with practical knowledge. A kid wants to be a entrepreneur and thing is s/he should be provided with some extra ideas about entrepreneurship. S/he should be emphasized what his/her future career seeks for.

Learning must be relevant. We learn skills because we need them to do something that matters to us, then we remember them. For example,students working on measuring and calculating the area of a land in which they will be growing vegetables. Now they are going to take care about the formula for calculating area. In fact, they will probably be able to derive the formula.

Government should be focused on what the current youths enjoy doing. Are they in seek of some innovative ideas? Do they love doing technical things? The government should focus on the need of youths. What type of education they want? These things really matters for changing education they want? These thing really matters for changing education system cause nobody is higher than government and government is made by the we people.
Our parents should have feeling that my children deserve better. If parents knew the educational possibilities, they would not tolerate the antiquated systems and strategies to which their children are subject in schools.
In a nutshell, I will like to say that we must have realistic expectations for all students to learn. We must focus on thinking and learning, not memorizing and regurgitating. We should focus on practical education, not theoretical.

Thank you !

By Aayush Poudel

Note : Featured image via PIXABAY.

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