Fifa 21 PC Keyboard Controller Settings

Here are the default keyboard controls for FIFA 21 on PC:

Note: These controls can be customized in the game settings.


Arrow Keys: Move player

S: Sprint/Hold for teammate contain

A: Lob pass/Cross/Header

D: Through ball/Slide tackle

W: Ground pass/Player switch/Stand tackle


Q: Finesse shot/Flair shot (while holding Sprint)

E: Fake shot/Stop and face goal (while standing)

R: No touch feints

F: Threaded through pass/Call for a pass

Left Shift: Protect ball/Jockey (while defending)

Space: Shoot/Volley/Header


J: Press/Tackle (while defending)

K: Second defender press (while defending)

L: Switch player (while defending)

P: Pick up ball (as goalkeeper)


Arrow Keys: Move goalkeeper

C: Switch to goalkeeper

Space: Dive/Slide

Left Shift: Charge/Jump


Fifa 21 PC Keyboard Controller Settings