FIFA 21 Slow Gameplay Fix, Fifa 21 Lag Fix

Its obvious that Fifa 21 issue of slow gameplay whenever you are trying to play in minimum set requirements, so here are the top points that you need to remember and set it up before playing smoothly.

– Before doing anything else, first try to adjust Settings as mentioned below for fixing fifa 21 slow gameplay.
– Depending upon type of PC specification, we should arrange setting for playing fifa 21.
– Try this to fix slow game fifa 21 in your system.

Resolution = Low
Render Quality = Low
Anti-Aliasing = Off
Frame Rate Limit = No Limit On FPS
DirectX = DirectX 11

Well, these were basics.

Now do following.
– update your Nvidia or AMD drivers to latest.
– adjust windows for best performance and not for best quality.
– assign high priority to fifa 21 via task manager.

Q :Capture/Record/Replay via Geforce Experience Enabled ?

A; If yes, then disable it. It will help fix speed lag, slow lag.

Well these are steps to try if your system holds all requirements for playing fifa 21 but still is lagging.

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