Fix Fifa 21 Crashing Origin PC / FUT Crash / Career Mode Crash Solution

I am playing Fifa 21 in Origin PC. In my case, FUT crashes some time during pack open and squad building. Till now, career mode is running fine in my pc. Game sometime crashes when fifa 21 tries to retrieve data from server. But, now it's fixed like 9/10. I searched fix for these crashing, when I was experiencing lots of problem, later trying different things as mentioned below, now it fine for play (not 100% fine). 

Now, let's talk about Fifa 21 crashing as soon as it goes online

Step 1 : Check AV. Disable AV for sometime, and start fifa 21. Check this step.

Step 2 : Check in config setting, it is set to windowed or fullscreen ? Change any previous option and try opening the game. 

Step 3 : Set render>low, fps>lock 30 / 60

Step 4 : Make sure gpu driver is updated. And also, check by installing old version of gpu driver also. If nothing worked.

Step 5 : Set priority to High, for fifa 21 in task manager.

Now, let's talk about FUT Crash / Career Mode Crash

Step 1 : Repeat step 2, 4 and 5 from above solution. 

Step 2 : Find "fifasetup.ini" in config, then change directxselect 0>1. (Set that file to read only mode).

Apart from these setting, always remember there might be bug in development already, so if these issues in fifa 21 crash are because of bug in game itself, then we must wait for update fix release. 

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