Fix OBS NDI Plugin not showing in studio

Before starting guide, I assume that you've installed NDI 4 Tools and OBS NDI. To download these 2 files, please go below. Or, follow this full guide.

Required :
OBS installed already.

So, if obs studio is already installed, then while installing OBS NDI, then it will ask about in which directory to install. Note that directory. And once it is installed, go to that directory and plugins, then finds two files there. 

obs-ndi. dll and obs-ndi.pdb

Copy these two files and go to your obs studio installed directry, then to obs plugins, and paste these two files. 

Now, open OBS studio, go to add, you will fine NDI Source there. 

This is basic quick fix for OBS NDI not showing in obs studio and streamlabs. 

Download NDI 4 TOOL :
(if something issue comes up, please comment)

VIDEO Guide below :


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