[Guide] Sony PXW X70 Livestream to Youtube or Facebook / OBS Settings / VLC

In this guide, you will get step by step tutorial on how to set it up on your sony pxw x70 camera for live streaming to youtube or facebook or twitch. This includes, sending stream to VLC via port and then OBS windows capture option for getting stream.

Step 1 : At first, connect your camera to wifi. (I assume, you can do this.)

Step 2 : Open command prompt CMD in windows, and type ipconfig. Then get your ipv4 address. See image below.

Step 3 : In camera, go to menu, then find streaming, select preset. Change size as your need. I set 1280x720.

Step 4 : Click destination set, just below size.

Step 5 : in Host Name place ip address you got from above. Format : 192.168.x.x

Step 6 : In port set, 1234

Step 7 : Then click OK.

Step 8 : Go back to streaming in camera, and then click EXECUTE.

Step 9 : Once it is prepared, then click THUMBNAIL in camera, your stream starts from camera.

NOW, get live footage camera to VLC.

Step 10 : Open VLC, find stream in Media section. Then go to Network. And place following. See in image. udp://@:1234

Step 11 : Click stream. You will get video footage from camera live to vlc.

Step 12 : Now, open OBS, get windows capture in scene box. Set VLC in source. 

Done, now stream to youtube or facebook or twitch.

Thank You, in any confusion please comment. 

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