Sting First aid : Bites Bee and Wasps

The most harmful among the insects are the bee and wasps and other insects of the same types. Their sting cause local pain, itching and severe swelling because their stings have one type of poison which is little in quantity. Some people are very sensitive to this poison and therefore shows certain reaction like histamine, local pain and swelling, respiratory inhibition because of throat swelling and low blood pressure because of contraction of air pipe occur. The patient becomes unconscious and if the first aid is not given in time then death can occur due to anaphylactic shock.

-If the sting is present then instead of pulling it by force it should be taken out slightly scrubbing the skin needle or pin, so that a hole is formed from which the poison can come out easily.
-Wash the site with soap and water.
-If the swelling and pain is severe then kept wet bandage in the area.
-Keep the place cool by applying alcohol, spirit or ice cubes.
-Use anti histamine in the case of allergic reaction.
-If the victim's condition is serious or he/she ins in the condition of shock then send him immediately to the hospital.

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