How to recover deleted folder and file in windows 10 (Query Fix)

Question :

I accidently deleted folder in windows 10, earlier 1 month ago. But files that I now need. How can I recover them? Can we recover file in windows 10 automatically with built in feature ? Or I need some kind of software to that. I am not tech guy, please help me understand the process of recovering my deleted files.


Keep in mind (You could try file recovery software, but after 1 months, chances are that at least some of the data has been overwritten, and is gone. Only if you have stored more and more size files within that month.)

Answer 1 - Use EASUS recovery tool. Paid version does pretty well.

Answer 2 - You could try Recuva but the way memory works in a hard drive is that the file is marked for over writing so the longer you wait to try and recover it the more chances it got overwritten and lost forever. Depending on the importance of the file and how much you're willing to pay you could hire data recovery experts to try and find them.

Answer 3 - If file is so important, then hire data recovery expert sir.

Answer 4 - Recovery programs can sometimes retrieve data which has been deleted in error. The process is long winded as it scans the disk looking for files which do not appear to be referenced in the usual way. Files (and folders, which in reality are just a different sort of file) which are deleted in the normal way end up in the recycle bin. Which is a special sort of folder for files which are no longer active. The recycle bin can only be a certain size. When this gets full or after a period of time, the space that the files in the bin occupy is recycled as clear space. So if lots or large files are put in the bin, the bin automatically empties. The space is then used for new files. The up shot of all this is that files that were deleted 1 month ago may exist if the pc hasn't been used. If it's in regular use, chances are the files were deleted and the space on the disk they occupied has now been re-used for something else. Thus no amount of recovery programs is going to find them!

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