Top 5 Small Scale Business Ideas. (You can start right now)

Top 5 Small Scale Business Ideas.

Mobile Street Food Stalls.

Look, do not hesitate doing any kind of works, that is good for society and people. Moveable food stalls does excellent money income, if you give in minimum of 5 to 7 hours per day. Since you can move your stall from here to there, so it will be very easy for you, to decide where to take the stall, at particular time. For example, before cinema time, you can bring your stall to nearest cinema hall, keep it there for around 1 hour. Another example, school closing time at evening, you can go to school or college area with your food stall. Manage with nearest location. Sell tea, coffee, snacks and more other stuffs that suits fast cook and pack.

Blogger Web Design Ecommerce Service.

Basic skill required. Blogger is easy. Ask a client to buy a domain, or buy a domain by yourself. Link domain to blogger. Blogger is free. You can get free or any low cost blogger templates. Start to design ecommerce website for your client. For beginners, this is best business idea. After you post around 20 plus products, and start getting some traffic, then ask client to apply it for adsense. Help your client in each process. Charge service fee too. Or, you can do this blogger thing for yourself. Research local products, products that are not available in your area. Create product listing in your blogger website, it will rank in google. Start buying those products, and place your contact number in each previously created product page of that product. Idea works guys. Try to think.

Home Tutor/Teacher.

You can start home tution, for teaching any subject. How to start marketing ? Just make a facebook page, post in facebook groups, do some little budget boost in your local area. People will start getting notice. In minimum of 30 days, try focusing on basic promotions of your tution classes subjects, after that you will start getting parent's call. Tips : You can do this part time too. Just focus on 2 or 3 hours per day. 1 hour per day for 1 student and 1 subject. Like this, you can manage your other fulltime jobs too.

Real Estate.

Involve in you local area. Start as a broker. Search and find land for sell, house for sell. Talk with owner. Shoot pictures, videos. Start posting in youtube, tiktok and facebook. If you involve in local market of house selling and buying, within 1 month to 3 month of hustle, you will start selling properties. 

Video Editing / Photoshop Design.

Have some skills on video editing ?. Photo Designing ?. Creating Logo ? You can promote your skills showing your edited videos. Look, each and every people do not need professional video edit. Some only want video. Like slideshow video, lyrics video or small store promo video. At initial period, you can target these kinds of people. If you are expert in these video editing and graphic design, then you can target professionals too. This business needs skills and time. Not much other stuffs. Oh yes, camera too. 

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