Fifa 23 PC Keyboard Control Settings

Default keys can be changed. Below you will find keys bindings for certain movements and skill in fifa 23. Fifa 23 PC Keyboard Control Settings. Video tutorial on how to change controls is available below and also article flow is available.


Go to controller settings, set it to alternate and then bind keys as following in fifa 23 pc keyboard controls.

(you can assign your fav key here, in my case it is like :)
E        :        Through ball 
A        :        Lob pass, cross or header.
S        :        Pass, Header
D        :        Shoot, Volley or header
W        :         Sprint
C        :        Finesse Shot
V        :        Protect ball
Q        :        Player run or modifier (switch)

Up arrow for move up, 
down arrow for move down,
left arrow for left and
right arrow for right movements.

These were for attacking.

Now, you can go to defence section and can change some keys that you like to play with.

By default, the keyboard controls for FIFA games on PC are as follows:


W: Move player forward
A: Move player left
S: Move player backward
D: Move player right

Spacebar: Shoot/pass/header
Shift: Sprint
E: Lob pass/cross/header
Q: Through ball/lobbed through ball
R: Fake shot/stop and face goal
Tab: Change player
Caps Lock: Player run modifier
Ctrl: Player change modifier
Alt: Short pass/header
Menu and Interface:

Arrow keys: Navigation
Enter: Select
Backspace: Back
Esc: Pause/Cancel

Have any questions on about fifa 23 pc keyboard control settings ? Comment below.

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