Python code for retweet hashtag.

How to use the Tweepy library in Python to search for and retweet tweets containing a specific hashtag

(code start)

import tweepy

# Set up your Twitter API credentials
consumer_key = "YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY"
consumer_secret = "YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET"
access_token = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
access_token_secret = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET"

# Authenticate with Twitter
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret)
auth.set_access_token(access_token, access_token_secret)

# Create the API object
api = tweepy.API(auth)

# Define the hashtag you want to search for and retweet
hashtag = "#example"

# Search for tweets containing the hashtag
tweets =

# Iterate over the search results
for tweet in tweets:
    # Only retweet if we haven't already retweeted this tweet
    if not tweet.retweeted:
        # Retweet the tweet
            print(f"Retweeted tweet with id {}")
        except tweepy.TweepError as e:
            print(f"Error retweeting tweet with id {}: {e}")

(code finished)

What is retweet bot ?

A retweet bot is a type of software application or script that automatically searches for and retweets content on Twitter that meets certain criteria, such as specific keywords, hashtags, or user accounts.

Retweet bots can be created by developers or users who want to automatically share content related to a particular topic or interest with their followers. They can also be used by businesses or organizations to promote their own content or products.

Retweet bots can be programmed to retweet content based on various criteria, such as the number of likes or retweets a post has received, the language used in the post, or the popularity of the user who posted it.

While retweet bots can be a useful tool for quickly and efficiently sharing content with a large audience, they can also be abused by spammers and malicious actors to spread misinformation or engage in other forms of Twitter manipulation. As a result, Twitter has implemented policies and tools to detect and prevent the use of retweet bots for harmful purposes.

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