Alert : Our Education System Needs Massive Change

Greetings, sorry for my english. Education system, in this article refers to basically school level, +2 level and bachelor level. School level, carrying a heavy bag with books and note copy, going to school from 10 am to 5pm, heavy focus on theory, useless homework pressure and tests . . . this action needs to stop. Massive change in syllabus is needed as soon possible. The way education system is designed and the way this world is operating, we are seeing failing future of planet earth and people's life style. Success is being measured with high academic results, having huge money collection in banks and wallets. This is not success. Education system tells not to fail, it makes students hard to accept failure. But we need to know that failure is beautiful. Failure term needs to be re defined. The more you fail, the more you analyze why you failed, the more you become wise and intelligent. Next, you will try to avoid those failure' reasons next time. 

Life always puts you in problem, then gives learning. This is true way of learning. Look at school and colleges, they give theory learning first, then they take tests. But in case of life, it is just opposite. We need to change this education system. For now, we must focus on preparing syllabus with 50% theory and 50% practicals. Practicals focusing on developing some sorts of skills. Practicals involving sports is needed. Practical education involving music class and dancing class is needed. Practicals involving karate, muay thai or some sorts of self defence training is needed. We need more practicals on agriculture too. Students must be taught from school level on how to grow their own food. Why we are ignoring this ? Why schools and colleges are not teaching about agriculture stuffs and practicals ? Something is massively wrong in this education system. We need to change this education system as soon as possible. 

Planet earth is home for humans, animals. Teach students to respect animals life too. Teach them to care about planet earth, trees, plants, environment. Education system is just designed to rat-rot theory, and this is biggest scam on Earth. Who is going to change this ? Government ? Politicians ? Come on. From school level, from chilhood, students are being brainwashed so massively that when someone tells them this is wrong, then their wash-conditioned brain never accepts the true fact.

Why education system failed to teach about life ? happiness ? helping others ? about money ? about failures ? about animals ? about nature ?. So much time is being invested in this school and college education system, but result is being worse and worse in long run. Education system focusing on creating rat-rot-human-robots. Shaping human brain is so much sensitive, and this education system failed to shape this human brain for betterness of human life, animal life, nature.

Implementing an education system that focuses on students' passion and interests can have several positive benefits. It will increase motivation, better academic performance, improved mental well-being, and a more engaged and fulfilled students thought. Focusing on students' passions and interests allows for a more personalized approach to education and learning approach. Each student's unique strengths, talents can be identified, and the curriculum can be adapted to suit their specific needs and demands. When students are learning about topics they are happily interested in, their motivation to study naturally increases. They become more active participants in their education, leading to a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge that they are gaining. Practicals, lab sessions must be included more and more.

Aligning education with students' passions often means integrating real-world applications and scenarios into the learning process. This approach can help students see the practical value of what they are learning and how it can be applied to their chosen fields. A passion-based education system encourages students to explore various subjects, including those outside the traditional academic curriculum. This exploration can help shape well-rounded skill set and an open mind, enabling students to adapt to different challenges in their future careers and personal lives. Pursuing one's passions often involves creative thinking and problem-solving. By promoting a passion-driven approach, the education system can foster innovation and entrepreneurship among students.

This is most important : A passion-driven education system can contribute to improved mental well-being. Students are less likely to experience burnout or feelings of academic pressure when they are genuinely excited about their studies. Teachers also benefit from a passion-based education system. Seeing their students enthusiastic about learning and making progress in subjects they care about can be incredibly rewarding for educators. Yes, yes. . . there will be more challenges to achieve this method, more resources needs to be available, more teachers, good salary. What needs to be done, must be done. That's it.

To overcome these challenges, successful implementation would require collaboration among educators, administrators, policymakers, and communities. Research, experimentation, and ongoing evaluation would be necessary to refine and improve the passion-based education system continuously.

Remember, no education system is perfect for every student, as individuals have diverse needs and preferences. A hybrid approach that combines aspects of passion-based learning with more traditional methods might be the most effective solution. Ultimately, the goal should be to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that nurtures students' potential and fosters a lifelong love for learning.

Your thoughts on this ? You feel that our education system is good ? Please comment below and share your thoughts.

Alert : Our Education System Needs Massive Change

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  1. in the name of education, they are fooling us.

  2. Worldwide 98% education system is scam. Looting our money.

  3. Yes. Our this education system is very bad.

  4. World's education system is so worse

    1. agriculture part was so satisfying.