Top 10 Ways To Learn English : Written by Bishal

 As we all know that English is the most common language used worldwide to communicate with each other i.e. with people of the same or different country. Most of the country use English as their mother tongue. English is of two types i.e. North America English(U.S.) and the Standard British English(U.K.). English has become the most important language in the 21st century. So, here are some of the top 10 ways to learn English.

They are:

1) First of all, try with yourself. Talk to yourself in English. Then try to talk with friends and others without the hesitation, so that your mistake can be corrected by others.

2) Try to learn one new word daily.

3) Keep a pocket dictionary. Or you can have a dictionary app on your phone so that if you find a new word you can search the meaning of it quickly.

4) Try to learn a new word every day and try to implement it in your sentences or while talking with others.

5) Daily practice reading, writing, listening and speaking English for all-round develop in English.

6) Watch English movies and listen to English songs.

7) Read the rhythms, stories, and poem from the books of primary level because it contains easier words to understand and help to learn the basics faster.

8) Listening to the English news and reading the newspaper can also help to improve English.

9) As we know technology has developed so far so individuals can join the online English course or practice from the online website where English is taught.

10) Finally, you can join any of the institutes to be good at English.

So, these are the some of the top 10 ways to learn English. All you need is your time and dedications. As we know “practice makes the man perfect” so we should keep on practicing to learn English.

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