Top 10 Ways To Learn English : Written by Nirajan

 English nowadays is a prominent part of our lives. Be it at work, be it at school, colleges, be it at grand important events, business meetings English is must needed. And we can't deny the fact that english is the most commonly spoken language in the world. So, to develop international relations also english is must required. A good spoken english is the representation of how well your education background is...

Now the question is "how to be good at speaking english?"

Don't panic. There are some ways that are very helpful to improve your english speaking capabilities.

1) Reading Books.
By "reading books" i did't just mean the books from our school and  college curricullam. You need to explore your reading habits. You need try reading novels, self-help books etc. Even a small habit of reading a news in the morning can bring a bit of change.

2) Interacting with peoples in english.
No matter how much of english you know just try to present your knowlodge of english infornt of your friends, teacher, colleagues or even siblings. Try to talk with them in english. It's obvious that you might make some mistakes but more important is that you will learn something thing from that.

3) Writing.
Again it is all about consistent learning.
And writing is the best way to learn and know where you are lagging. There is a high possibility of improving your english if you are something everyday. Even small habits of penning down your thoughts  in the morning could help.

4) Build your vocabulary.
Any new word you hear or read from someone or somewhere just note it down. And use them often. This way you will build a strong vocabulary which key to learning english.

5) Listening to english songs.
This perhaps is the most entertaining and soothing way to learn english. Make your playlist, put on your headphones and listen to your favourite english songs. It particularly will hit your brain with words and will make it a bit easy to remember words.

6) Watching english movies.
It reminded me of my phase when i was so desparate to learn english. I used to watch 3-4 movies a day. Basically watching english movies will help to express the words, phrases and sentences in right way. Not just that but also it helps you to pronounce the words correctly. Make habit of watching movies rather than wasting time playing not worthy games....

7) Be confident.
It might sound a bit clichè but confidence  is key to good english. So, how to be confident? It's not easy but it definitely is not difficult. You need to build a mindset and keep your motivated.

8) Surround yourself with english words, phrases and sentences.
Attach the posters of your favourite celebrities  with quotes written on them in your bedroom  walls.

9) Record yourself.
Record your own voice while speaking in english. This way you will know your won progession. You will find mistakes and also a way to correct them.

10) Active participation.
"Action speaks louder than words".
Here you are playing with english words and if you put those english words in your action through participations it will not just speak louder but will produce a ultrasound effect. Meaning, participation will provide you results. It will make you more and more stronger.

Inception is all about putting a step forward. Start today. Today is better.......

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