Best Clash Royale Deck, 4 Card Cycle (tornado, baby-dragon,ice-wizard, barbarian-barrel,dark-prince,electro-giant, lightning, goblin-cage)

Best Clash Royale Deck, 4 Card Cycle 

This best deck includes : 

(tornado, baby-dragon, ice-wizard, barbarian-barrel, dark-prince, electro-giant, lightning, goblin-cage)

tornado : drags enemies, also deals damage while dragging to center

baby-dragon : fireball attack from sky.

ice-wizard : throws ice, slows down enemy, deals damage.

barbarian-barrel : rolls down, damages stuffs in its path, bursts and pops a barbarian.

electro-giant : damages anything within its range with electricity zap.

lightning : lightning strikes upto 3 enemies, most damage to selected area.

goblin-cage : goblin brawler comes into action when goblin cage gets destroyed

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