Email Marketing is easy

You are going to send emails related to particular service, tools, products of let's say some category or niche. Right ?

You are thinking of email marketing, so I assume that you are trying to stay long in your business. So, I think you have patience to get your final result from email marketing. Email marketing is easy

Have an eagle eye whenever you get email address of any person or company. Collect them slowly. If you are doing business of service related, then when client comes for any service then always ask their email and record it in your day book or excel file or cloud. Just save it.

Depending upon why you are aiming for email marketing, guide goes that way. Now, let's talk about web based email gathering process. If you have website that is having good traffic on daily average then it's very good sign that you can now collect emails of your visitor with pop up or something else approach. Just ask emails. 

Or, create a website where people makes a visit regularly. Try to think here. What kind of content to be put on website it depends on you sir. And if possible permit access to content only after logging in. So for that user needs to register. Gather email, make a record list of emails. 

Now to that list, you can easily send email related to your new service or running service or tools or products or future plan. Marketing is all about creativity and solely depends on how particular person or company thinks about it. 

Email Marketing is easy

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