Esports Future Career in Nepal ?

Do not talk about future, when ever you are trying to talk about something new or something that started taking gossips recently. It is not about future, it is about what this particular thing is, and why it will be kept running towards better level.

Esports in Nepal is something like this. In country like Nepal, where development is not getting pace, where career not seems to be bright for long terms when compared to mass people, where still youths are struggling to create something new, where government still lacking clear vision execution, so if we talk about something unique and not so experienced platform of gaming industry, then yes there will be thoughts of risks. But it is not how this should work like.

Esports gaming as a career is still big confusion for other countries too, the simple reason is because of less gaming industry out there to hire professional gamers. Yes, this trend of hiring gamers was started long time ago, but the question depends on quantity like how many players world wide are engaging in gaming esports career ? 

Next point in esports gaming is, joining the contest events like gaming tournaments. Without having fixed income by joining certain platform or industry, if gamers only focus on joining tournaments, then it will create burnout in gamers. The worse burnout because it is not sure that they are going to win each esports tournament, right ? 

Now let me talk about scenario of gaming and esports in Nepal. Almost every one is pushing focus towards this useless traditional education system of Nepal, where students are forced to read and pass exam. Then ultimate aim is to get government or private job, or fly over to next country for money. Doctors, engineers are still huge bug words which gets attached to brain and mouth of Nepalese parents and their kids. So, in this particular scenario, the concept of booming gaming esports in Nepal gets a little corner seat with no value. 

Even in our school and colleges, still we lack good sports management, and we are talking about Esports here, so you can calculate the situation.

Esports is not about only getting recognized in big events. Esports knowingly or unknowingly starts from childhood. Once kid grows, then the question is that kid wants to play games or not ? And actually plays or not ?. If they want to play and are not being able to do so, then what is the reason ? Solve this question at first. Look, no parents in Nepal will buy a PS, or PC for gaming for their kids thinking that these kids will join esports. Some parents buy those stuffs for their kid because they love them and they can afford it. Buying gaming stuffs for kids and motivating them for being a gamer is 2 different things. 

Esports gaming is booming industry. There is good future ahead in gaming industry, but we are not being able to calculate it right now because of our traditional definition of career and money.  

Let your kid play video game, watch them, are they showing extreme passion for it ? Then it is the time you motivate them, help shape their passion. Esports in Nepal still takes more time to be accepted as a future of career. 

By : Bijay Acharya

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