Gaming Esports Career. Is it possible ?

Answer might go two ways. Yes and No. But let me point out some analysis on gaming esports as a career. It all depends on your passion-dedication, your relatives, your society and your country. 

Remember few years back, people used to go to cinema hall to watch movies and get entertained, nowadays because of livestream platforms, people are engaging with esports gaming livestream and getting entertained. Esports industry, and livestream gamers are increasing in massive amount. 

Now the real question is, can we be a gamer and push out career in gaming ? Can it be our source of income ? Can we be professional and do lots of stuff as a career in this field ? 

Move on with multiplayer games, choose 1 or 2 games, or more games, keep on playing it, improve your gameplay and skills. Then compete on tournaments globally, or locally or both. The more you compete the more you get discovered and people starts to follow you, brands starts to contact you, sponsors will find you. If it goes this way, then yes you can build up career in gaming. 

Now let me talk about gaming livestream. If someone plays game and does livestream, so for them to establish gaming as a career, they need to get lots of follower and live viewers, only after that they will get sponsors, super chats. Only focusing on livestream might be very difficult for pushing your effort as a career in gaming esports. Plus point is here, if someone is streamer and also involves in tournaments of games, then it will be better for him/her in near future to accept gaming as a career. 

Now, let me talk about gamers who only plays games and creates content that is watchable. Doing only this thing day and night will not be helpful for gaming career. Yes, they might get lots of views and followers in social media platforms, but only depending on that will not do great job. They must focus on getting sponsors, brands contracts and super chat donations. Depending on only source of method for generating revenue will put any career in risk. 

Conclusion is, you must as a gamer should build up that pro skills, your own exposure to outer world via events and tournaments. So that various different sources will come in contact with you, also some platform or people might offer you good contract for creating gameplays content for their website or social media platform. 

So, it is possible for gamer to make gaming as his/her career in esports ? Definitely YES.

Gaming Esports Career. Is it possible ? 

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