Youtube Shorts : PROS & CONS

Right now magic with youtube shorts is that youtube pushes your shorts to random viewers. So, if your video shorts is great content, then it will immediately grab tons of views within a week or month. It is like, you upload 5-10 shorts videos, then 1-3 videos will almost 90% sure that they will get around 200 to 500+ plus views within a week mostly. Now, lets talk about pros and cons of youtube shorts. 

There is both pros and cons of youtube shorts. It will take less time to create shorts and upload. So, in a day if you push your effort then around 20-30 good shorts can be uploaded to youtube. But remember, your video must be good content, so that once a viewer watches your shorts, they are 90% likely to get pushed another shorts from your channel, so to keep engaging them with your shorts, you must make good content. 

Now, 20-30 shorts per day is fun in the beginning but as long as days goes passing, it will become hard to catch that pace. Main point is, the more shorts you upload in youtube, the more views and views keeps on increasing if you keep on uploading more number of shorts, and that will definitely help gaining subscribers too. 

Next difficult thing is, once you start to focus on maximum number of shorts creation, then your long length content will not get too much time and focus, right ? So, this may not be good for your channel. This is why, lots of youtubers are coming up with new channel only focused for shorts. 

I am not saying you to create new channel for shorts, but when we talk about shorts in this article then we must fully create a possible deep analysis of youtube shorts content. So, let us do not divert to long video content and their benefits. Keep on focus towards shorts in this article.

Next thing with shorts is, if your channel is monetized then also the youtube will not place ads in shorts videos. They are planning and testing the way to monetize shorts, but it might take time.

Personally speaking, for me youtube shorts right now is best thing to focus on and create more shorts content as much as possible. As a content creator on youtube, you might be confused on whether to upload shorts in same main channel or create new one ? Ok, speaking personally, if you want to create more shorts in future, then it is better to get new channel for shorts (just my own point of view). 

Always to get views or subscribers, we need to focus on particular niche, so that viewers keeps coming to channel (new or old), which is always great. Similar theory applies for shorts, viewers need separate section for shorts right ?, so that they can find all shorts there. So, if you can maintain next shorts channel, then it will be great for you and viewers both. 

If you want to create shorts once a week or month, then move with your main channel, but if you want to focus on creating more shorts, then it will better to have next channel only focusing on shorts. 

Please let me know your thoughts via comment. 

Thank You.

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