[How To] Install Windows 10 on Macbook with Bootcamp

Ok, it's good thing that we can install windows 10 operating system in macbook / macbook air. So let me give you step by step article flow guide on how to install windows 10 on your macbook.

At first, you need two things :
1) USB (atleast 4gb)
2) Windows 10 ISO file

Manage to have these two things prior. 

Now, let me create steps for you to do the process of installing. (might be changed according to update and later new os. So, I will try to update if that happens)

1) Plug in your usb in mac
2) From utilities (in application), open Boot Camp Assistant
3) Click Continue, and see if bootcamp locates iso of windows 10 or not. 
4) Set the partition space.
5) Read on screen, do what appears, then click "install now" when appeared.
6) Go on.
7) Select the partition labeled X: BOOTCAMP also notice the size space you assigned earlier in partition time.
8) Click Format and Click Next to begin installing windows 10
9) After installation, it will restart. 
10) Select install when it appears after installation (with bootcamp windows 10 screen). It will install all drivers.

Also read apple article here.

In any confusion, please comment below.

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