Why your youtube videos are not getting views ?

Initially if you are starting from scratch, then it will take time, keep calm. So at first, define the category of your channel, what kind of content you are creating. It is educational or funny or how to's or makeup or cooking or gaming or diy or music or travel vlog ?. 

To grow slow and steady way, keep on creating content depending upon your category. Will be good if you try to create content which you love and have passion. Because this will help you in pushing little further while you are feeling down. And question yourself always, am I creating related content ? am I doing my best to create those content ? am I sharing my youtube videos to social media platforms ? am I sharing my channel name with random peoples ?. 

Everyone starts from zero and then slowly goes in growth phase. You should earn your viewers. Advertisement or raid from people are temporary, to really get views you should organically try to gain subscribers. Yes, if you are creating lots of content and still not getting discovered then you can start pushing your videos via advertisement in youtube and social media, but remember too much advertisement is not going to help. 

Why ? Take it this way, for example you published one content, and then boosted it. Someone new viewer will find that, likes your content and thinking that you will create more similar content they will subscribe. They still do not know you clearly at this phase, so as long as they are subscribed to your channel they need to watch 5 to 10 videos so that they can judge your content, so that they can get filtered idea about you. At this point, if they do not like the way you are creating content, then they might never comeback. 

Try to create a content that is almost different from other same kind of content creators. Build your own style, create your own ideas and always ask feedback. As much as possible try to create content that you like to create, do not feel bored to create it and have some kind of passion to create it. 

When you create same kind of related content always in your youtube channel, then one day - one or two video might go far and gain views. Once that is achieved then viewers will get recommended your other videos too, since they are related and is from your channel, right ?. This is only a main reason why some good youtubers always gets same amount of views in their every video content. So always focus on creating particular related videos. 

For example, if you create funny content, then your most of the videos that you upload in future must be funny. This kind of channel is different when compared to educational channel. How ? 

Look, now what if we create educational content ? Programming videos ? DIY videos ? Math Videos ? Animation Videos ?. Here the way funny channel works is completely different then the way your educational channel works. 

To go far with educational channel you should stick and make a niche kind of video. For example, if your channel is about programming language then stick to one programming language, this will boost your channels' subscriber and views count in your videos. What if you upload 4 or 5 different programming language tutorial videos ? Then subscribers will be different right ? Why ? because the person who likes python programming and watches your videos of python then he may not like C++ videos or Java videos. So still being subscribed to your channel, he will not watch other videos except python programming.

Here is important main point : Define your viewers and then create content. More similar related content, more views and more subscribers. 

If i continue to explain this idea, then it may go 10+ pages, and that's not worth it. So get the main point and move ahead. Be always calm. Love and Passion will make your successful youtuber. 

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Why your youtube videos are not getting views ?

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