Livestream vs Content Uploading

When it's about gaming, then most of the content creators are focused on doing livestream. 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours and even more time streamers are involved. And other side is creating content then uploading. Both includes their own benefits. But let's point out some fields on which is better and bad for streamer and his devices.

Let's talk about creating content first. Like you come up with some idea, shoot video, edit it, then upload it. Depending upon your content, if it's about more people searching for same content (like how tos, training, tutorials etc, then these kind of contents are evergreen and gains traffic which definitely increases views of your channel. Look, you worked once, and video is still getting views, video is still getting searched. So, it means you worked only once for that video. You used your device, pc for only one time for that video. Not much pressure on your system right ?

Now, lets talk about livestream. Once a streamer (let's talk about gamer here), does streaming for 3 hours, then he gets engagement during live stream, once stream ends there is very less probability that people will watch that full video (compare it to 10 minute video content now). Since gamer is streamer, then each day or twice in a week they will involve in streaming for long long hour. But look, these kinds of videos will not be searched. Only gets searched for gameplay and new games. So, if streamer only focuses on playing new games in livestream as soon as game releases it's demo or full game, then only there is a chance of targeting search audience who searches for reviews or gameplay of new games. But if streamer only plays particular one or two games whole month and year, then here comes problem. 

Problem 1 of each day livestream : You device gets involved so much of time that your device's lifetime is decreasing each day. 
Problem 2 of each day livestream : It's your health, which is most important. Gaming for long time affects health. Eyes, brain, body. 

Benefit of livestream : Your channel gets discovered, you get a chance to connect with new people randmoly each day. Super chats on other hand gets you much money during livestream.

People watches esports, and it is growing day by day. Esports and gaming livestream is connected directly. Viewers wait for their streamer to come online so that they can watch and entertain themselves. 

But look, now let's talk about long term benefits and what is good when compared to Livestream vs Content Uploading. 

Livestream each day, or twice in a week have different effect in streamer and his follower. If you can create content (5 min, 10 min or 20 min etc), then it is better to go with content creation, focus on content creation. And doing livestream twice a week is fine (from both system and health point of view). 

I only want 1 thing, people must not put on so much effort and get stressed at last. Dopamine comes into play here always, you get 5 watching in live stream, then 10, then 100, then you always want more. But it will not go always like that, so stress and burnout starts to become habit at some point. That is not good for you. 

Final message to daily live streamers : If your are doing it daily, then limit it to per hour. If your doing it 4 times a week, then limit it to 2 hours per day. If you are doing twice a week, then 3-4 hours is good. 

Both livestream and content uploading have their own benefits. I am focusing on livestream more in this content, so i talked less about content uploading.

And everything depends on type of content you are creating. Yes there are more questions to be answered after reading this article, but do not focus on those questions right now. Focus on what I am actually trying to say. 

Thank You.

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Livestream vs Content Uploading

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