[How To] Sandbox Alpha Pass, Get Free SAND and NFTs Reward

Ok good news that The Sandbox Alpha Hub launched yesterday (November 29, 2021) and this alpha season will be closed in December 20. So get into the game and earn some free SAND, NFTs by involving with alpha pass. For seeing basic introduction of sandbox alpha click here and for how to install sandbox alpha client in your windows pc click here

If players do not have alpha pass for sandbox then they have to access 3 alpha experiences and the alpha hub. While on other end, alpha pass NFTs holders will be able to access play to earn rewards of 1000 $SAND and 3 exclusive NFTs.

How can you get the Alpha Pass NFT ? 
- For land owners only, the Alpha Raffle is available. 
- Involve in daily social contests and get a chance to win a free alpha pass. 
- Also, you can purchase and get Alpha Pass for OpenSea. More detail here

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