Does gameplay matters in growing gaming channels ?

What matters most in growing your gaming channel ? We will highlight points based on our experience and learnings.

If you are on this article, then we assume that you play games and also started your own gaming channel or you are thinking of creating your gaming channel. And most important, you might be thinking a lot of times that actually what matters most in growing gaming channel. 

You might have seen many gamers in youtube, who created gaming content, live stream of gaming, gameplays. Some might be just playing games without facecam, some might be playing without commentary (mostly livestream), so what it makes or takes what kind of effort to grow gaming channel.

Now, let's talk about real life example and experience. We've seen some popular gameplay content creator who plays awesome game, creates gaming content but without commentary. And they are growing and also have already grown to million of subscriber base. So, in this case where is the facecam ? or where is the commentary ? The most thing that matter here was awesome gameplay. Professional level gameplay showcase via gaming content that those creators are creating and uploading in their channel. 

Next case, also we've seen and seeing that gamer without awesome gameplay, just with fine gameplay, and with funny engaging commentary together with facecam are joining that million subscriber list. 

Conclusion : So, you need to create a gameplay content, that engages viewers till the end, or at least 70 to 80 percent. You can achieve that with 2 things, one is playing awesome pro level gaming, and second one is by doing funny stuffs via commentary while doing livestream, engaging mostly with live viewers. So gameplay matters, but this is not compulsory thing. We can go either way with fine gameplay and engaging commentary.

Here is the video below explaining some points on this article :

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  1. if you can entertain viewers. Then anything will workout.