How E-Sports Works ?

1. What is Esports ?

Before explaining how E-sports works, let's understand the basics of it at first. So, what is esports ? Esports is a term used to describe competitive video games played at professional levels including various pro level players in competition or any tournament where winner and runner up gets different rewards including money, products and more. These games are often referred to as e-sports. There are many different types of esports including League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Clash Royale, Starcraft II, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA 2K, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Pubg, Freefire and more others.

2. How does Esports Work?

So, in most of the cases how esports competitions works ? The first step in any esports is to determine what kind of game you want to play. You must love the game that you want to play for reaching the pro level. Once you have decided on the type of game you want to compete in, you need to find out who else is playing. You can do this by searching online or asking around. Once you know who else is competing, you need to decide how much time you want to spend practicing. If you plan on being good enough to win tournaments, then you will probably need to practice a lot. However, if you just want to play casually, then you may only need to practice once or twice a week. After you have practiced enough, you need to choose a team. A team is basically a group of people who work together to beat each other. On average, teams consist of 4 to 5 players. Each player on the team has their own role. One person might be the tank (the person who takes the hits), while someone else could be the carry (the person who gets kills). Another person might be the jungler (the person who controls the map) and the last person might be the ADC (the person who uses skills to get kills). You can play on servers located in different countries. When you start playing, you will need to select a champion. A champion is a specific character in a certain game. In League of Legends, you can play as either a jungle or top laner. Top lane champions are generally tanks, while jungle champions are ranged attackers.

In tournament level, how it works ? Some company fix the date of esports tournament, some pro players might be invited early, and remaining players must go through registration phase. Also, if large number of players are participating, then qualify to tournament may be held. Then esports game goes on. 

3. Why Play Esports?

There are several reasons why people play esports. First, they enjoy competition. Second, they love the thrill of winning. Third, they enjoy the social aspect of gaming. Fourth, they enjoy the camaraderie of teammates. Fifth, they enjoy the challenge of learning new strategies and tactics. Sixth, they enjoy the excitement of watching other people play. Seventh, they enjoy the adrenaline rush of competing. Eighth, they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after beating a difficult opponent. Ninth, they enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are helping others learn. Tenth, they enjoy the fun of meeting new friends. Finally, they enjoy the sense of community created by sharing stories and experiences with other gamers.

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