Esports in Nepal

Esports in Nepal

Esports is taking some buzz around Nepal these years. But there is long way to go in case of spreading awareness about esports. There have been esports tournaments held in Nepal since 2014. However, they were not organized by any government agency. Instead, these events were organized by private companies who wanted to promote their products. These companies included the following:

- A company called “Nepal eSports” was founded in 2016. Their first tournament was a Hearthstone tournament.

- Another company named “Nepal eSports Association” was founded in 2017. They hosted the first ever Dota 2 tournament in Nepal.

- Yet another company called “NEPALESPORTS” was founded in 2018. They host Starcraft II tournaments.

- Finally, a company named “NEPAL E SPORTS” was founded in 2019. They host CSGO tournaments.

The number of people watching esports in Nepal is still relatively low compared to other countries. However, the number of people playing games is increasing. As of 2020, there are over 1 million active gamers / players in Nepal.

However, the country has not been successful in esports. There have been some attempts to start esports teams in Nepal, but they have failed due to lack of funding.

What are some of the challenges facing esports in Nepal ?

There are many challenges facing esports in Nepal. One challenge is that the country lacks infrastructure. Another challenge is that there aren't enough awareness about esports to play on. A third challenge is that there isn't much money in esports industry.

How did esports get started?

Esports were originally played online, but now they are being played offline as well. The first ever esports tournament was held in 2007. Today, esports are watched by millions of people worldwide.

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