Life is meaningless ?

No one knows what is the real purpose of life, so here are some points on topic "life is meaningless ?". Let us know your thoughts via comment.

1. Life is meaningless
 The meaning of life is not something we can easily define. We cannot say what life means, only how it feels. And if we could describe it, we would probably have to use words like 'meaningless', 'pointless' or 'useless'. But these words don't really mean anything either. So what does ? 

 2. Meaninglessness
 If life is pointless, then it's just a series of random events happening without any purpose. There is no meaning to it at all. If that's true, then there is nothing we can do about it. It's just a matter of time before we die.

 3. Hedonism
 Hedonism says that life is meaningful because it gives us pleasure. Pleasure is good, therefore life is good. But this doesn't make sense either. Why should our lives give us pleasure? What makes them worth living ?

 4. Nihilism
 Nihilism says that life is meaningless because there is no point to it. There is no purpose to life. There is no God who created us and wants us to live. There is no afterlife where we go after death. Therefore, life is worthless.

 5. Purpose
 I think the best way to understand life is to look at it as a journey. A journey towards something. Something that we're going towards. Not sure exactly what though. Maybe happiness ? Or maybe fulfillment ? Or maybe even enlightenment ?

 6. Happiness
 Happiness is something we all want. Everyone wants to be happy. But what is happiness? Is it a feeling? An emotion? A state of mind? A belief system? A lifestyle choice?

 7. Fulfillment
 Fulfilment is the opposite of emptiness. Emptiness is lack of contentment. Lack of fulfilment. Fulfilling things is what gives us joy. Joy is a positive emotional experience. So fulfilling things is what gives us positive emotions.

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