Best Clash Royale Deck with 2.9 elixir ?

Remember the more you practice and play with certain deck, the more you are aware of different situation in the game. There are many different Clash Royale decks that can be effective with a 2.9 elixir cost, but here's an example of one including these cards in deck :

Ice Golem
Hog Rider
Ice Spirit

This deck is a cycle deck that focuses on quick and frequent attacks with the Hog Rider, supported by the Musketeer and other troops. The Ice Golem is used as a cheap tank and the Skeletons and Ice Spirit can be used for defense or to cycle quickly through the deck.

The Cannon is a great defensive building that can take out tanks like the Giant and Golem. The Fireball is a great spell that can take out swarms of troops or damage the enemy tower.

The Log or Zap are both great spells that can be used to take out small troops or reset the target of enemy troops.

Remember, the key to success with any deck is practice and experimentation. Try out different combinations of cards and find the ones that work best for your play style. Good luck. 

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