"Sony PXW x70" Camera : Best high quality video setting ?

The Sony PXW-X70 camera is a professional-grade camcorder that offers a range of video settings to meet various shooting requirements. Always remember, the way you shoot in different events and different situations, you have to change a lot of settings manually to get best possible result with this camera. To get the best high-quality video output from this camera, you can use the following settings:

  • Resolution : The PXW-X70 supports various resolutions, including 4K, HD, and SD. For the best quality video, you can shoot in 4K or HD mode, depending on your requirements.
  • Frame rate : The camera supports different frame rates, including 24p, 30p, 60i, and 60p. The choice of frame rate depends on the type of video you are shooting. If you are shooting a movie or a cinematic video, you can use the 24p frame rate. For fast-action videos, you can use the 60p frame rate.
  • Bitrate : The higher the bitrate, the better the video quality. You can select a higher bitrate to get better video quality. For example, you can select 100Mbps or higher bitrate for 4K video and 50Mbps or higher bitrate for HD video.
  • Color space : The camera supports different color spaces, including S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3 and S-Gamut3/S-Log3. These color spaces offer a wider dynamic range and better color grading options. You can select the color space that suits your workflow.
  • Shutter speed : The shutter speed determines the exposure time of each frame. You can use a slower shutter speed for cinematic videos and a faster shutter speed for fast-action videos.

Overall, the best high-quality video setting in the Sony PXW-X70 camera depends on your specific shooting requirements. It's recommended to experiment with different settings to find the best combination that works for your project.

Extra : Here are some of its features . . .

Sensor: The camera features a 1-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor that captures high-quality images with low noise and high sensitivity.

Lens: The camera comes with a fixed 12x optical zoom lens that covers a focal length range of 29mm-348mm (35mm equivalent). The lens also features a built-in ND filter for flexible exposure control.

Recording formats: The camera can record in various formats, including XAVC, AVCHD, and DV. It also supports simultaneous recording to two SD cards for backup or relay recording.

High Frame Rate (HFR) recording: The camera can record up to 120fps in Full HD, allowing for slow-motion playback.

Wi-Fi/NFC: The camera features built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, enabling remote control and file transfer using a smartphone or tablet.

Dual XLR inputs: The camera features two XLR inputs that can record 24-bit audio at up to 48kHz, providing professional-grade audio recording capabilities.

Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe: The camera comes with a MI shoe that can support various accessories, including lights, microphones, and wireless receivers.

Picture Profile: The camera features various picture profiles, including S-Log2/S-Gamut, which provides a wide dynamic range for better color grading in post-production.

Overall, the Sony PXW-X70 camera is a versatile camcorder that offers a range of features for professional-grade video recording.

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    1. Released. Abit expensive. This video camera is so good to use. I have one, records 1080p

  2. Can we change lens ?