How to apply and get dollar card in Nepal from Nepali Banks ?

From early 2021, Nepal Banks started to provide dollar card to all public who are here in Nepal. Before this approach, one can get dollar card only if they can show their income in dollar. It is good news that now, everyone with citizenship can apply for dollar card and get it here in Nepal from Nepali Banks.

With this dollar card we can make international payments and buy good. Like, digital products, games, website domain and hosting space, facebook boost, youtube advertisement, google play services. This is now possible easily.

So what are the requirements to get dollar card ?

- Visit any nearest bank, and ask first if they can provide dollar card or not.
- If yes, then you must open a account in any of the bank (those who provides dollar card)
- Then create your PAN card from Nagarik App (click here for how to create PAN card in Nagarik app).
- It takes few minutes to create PAN card, then print that PAN Card and go to bank.
- Ask dollar card form from bank, and fill the form.
- Right now, Nepal Government allows only 500$ per year for one individual.
- So, in the form fill maximum of 500$ or as per your requirement. (like : 200$ or 50 $)
- Then within half an hour bank will issue you a dollar card with fund loaded as per your request. 

How to apply and get dollar card in Nepal from Nepali Banks ?

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